More about me

The curiosity that made you read these lines is the same one that, a few years ago, made me discover creative abilities I didn’t know I had, like patchwork and pottery. The day this curiosity put me in front of a potter’s wheel and made me fall in love with clay, everything changed.

My road to commerce and marketing took a sharp turn at the same speed as that wonderful tool, so after a few courses and workshops, I decided to enroll in the Escuela Oficial to expand my knowledge in all areas of artistic pottery. After three years I finalized my studies in Artistic Pottery in Barcelona (2017).

I like creating pieces based on my character, my essence. I think nothing defines me better than what I have inside myself. In my case, I mainly identify with two themes: nature and the Arab world.

The first comes from where I am. I guess living in a village between the sea’s blue and the mountain’s green inevitably influences my art. Spring, seeing everything full of color and life, the sunrise over the sea, the sky at sundown… I find it all very inspiring.

The second grows from where I come from. My family’s origins are in Granada, so my passion for the Arab world isn’t a surprise: tiles, goldsmithing or plasterwork. Without a doubt, some of that art remained with me.

I have now opened my own workshop where I work, fight and enjoy this new life as a potter: the possibility of going back to the origins, to involve myself in handmade things and, with love, to keep the craftsmanship alive.